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Intensive Behavioral Health Services

Bringing Therapy to You

IBHS provides services for children under the age of 21 in their home, school or community.”

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For children under 21

We'll Come to You

We are focused on collaborating with you, your child’s support person, to best guide your child in learning the skills needed to cope with their emotional and behavioral challenges.

The vision of the IBHS program is for all children to be able to lead fulfilling and functional lives within their family and community settings.

By working in the community as opposed to an office or health facility, treatment team members are able to observe real challenges as they occur and promote successful participation in family and community life.

The IBHS Team

We offer a team of clinicians who create and implement a person-centered treatment plan created around the specific needs of your child. Every child is unique and has different needs. We want to help each child thrive and overcome any challenges they may face.

Behavior Analysts

Utilize an individualized trauma-informed approach to identify skill deficits or challenges identified while simultaneously increasing independence and functionality with function-based teaching.

Behavioral Consultants (BC)

Work with caregivers to develop goals and interventions to meet the child’s specific needs.

Mobile Therapists (MT)

Utilize a strengths-based approach to counseling, which is both child-related and family focused.

Behavioral Health Technicians (BHT)

Provide one-on-one support to the child and caregiver based upon interventions developed by the team.

Goals of the Program

“Working on a IBHS team is so much fun. I get the privilege of working with a team in the three different offices. We do a fantastic job of working together as a team. When we do communicate with the clinician and the coordinator, we all have the same goal. We all want to do what’s best and to see these individuals succeed."
Alicia Rohrer

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