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Transition to Independence Program (TIP)

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TIP is a young adult mental health program that fills in the gaps for the young people in our communities.”

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For youth ages 16-26

What is TIP?

Sometimes it can be difficult to navigate independence. TIP fills in the gaps for the young people in our communities.

TIP (Transition to Independence Process) is a young adult mental health program.

Our dedicated facilitators work with youth 16 –26 years of age to help them overcome any barriers to independence they may have.

Five Key Focus Areas

We build plans around goals that TIP youth personally choose in five key areas.

Living & Housing Support

Help connect with housing resources such as independent residence, residing with natural, adoptive, or foster family, other family situation (e.g., girlfriend’s family, extended family), semi-independent living, supported living, and group home.

Educational Opportunities

Vocational or technical certification, high school completion or GED certificate, workplace educational programs where placement is related to college/school enrollment, Associate’s degree, Bachelor’s degree and beyond.

Employment & Career Advisory

Competitive employment site, work experience, paid or unpaid, at competitive or entrepreneurial worksite, supported employment with a job coach, transitional employment opportunities, paid or unpaid, at a noncompetitive worksite placement.

Community Life Functioning

Daily living and self-care, maintenance of living space and personal possessions, money management, cooking and nutrition, safety skills and activities, social activities, mobility around the community, access to community agencies and resources, legal services and cultural and spiritual resources.

Personal Effectiveness and Well-Being

Interpersonal relationships, emotional and behavioral well-being, self-determination, communication, physical health and well-being, parenting.

Personalized Plans

Since each plan is tailored to the youth and their personal goals, no plan looks the same!

An employment goal may help the youth obtain their driver’s license to make access to employment attainable.

A social goal may have the youth out in the community engaging with peers in activities that help them build lasting friendships and navigate relationships.

Each youth has different goals and it is our desire to see them reach every single one.

“I wish that I had known about this sooner. This program has given me and my son hope for the future."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ages 16 – 26.

TIP covers goals in 5 different domains: Education, Employment, Living Situation, Community Life Functioning, and Personal Effectiveness & Well-Being. Check out our TIP Goal Areas sheet (pages 3-5 of the info sheet here) for some ideas of goals you can include on your Futures Plan with your facilitator.

Each facilitator on the team has different strengths and resources that could be helpful to you. While you will have a primary facilitator, you will also meet other members of our team to build your network of support.
We typically meet once a week, but it can be more or less depending on your desired level of involvement. This may change as you have more goals to work towards. We also consider several factors including scheduling, availability of staff, group events, and goals. We encourage you to discuss your needs with your facilitator.
TIP does not directly provide housing; however, we can help you connect with housing resources and apply for housing services in your county. While we do provide transportation, it is at the discretion of your facilitator. We encourage you to discuss a transportation plan with them. Transportation to group events will be provided if needed.
TIP is a person-centered program which means that each individual take ownership of their own path. While we do not require parents or other professionals to be involved, we encourage all participants in TIP to identify people that are helpful and supportive in their life.

Group events are a good opportunity to connect with peers, use community resources and develop new skills to meet goals. These events are organized by the team of facilitators to include both recreational and skill building groups. No one is required to attend, and your facilitator will inform you about upcoming events based on your interest and willingness to participate.

We are always open to new ideas so that we can organize events that best meet the need and interest of everyone in our program. Please be encouraged to discuss your ideas with us!

Yes, there is an after-hours crisis line where a facilitator can be reached outside of normal business hours. This line can be used to touch base with a TIP facilitator in the event that you have a question, concern, or need and your primary facilitator cannot be reached.

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