Supporting communities by unlocking potential in every individual we serve. 


Every individual we serve is unique, so is our disability service in Montgomery County and Eastern Pennsylvania! By striving to understand each person and family, we’re able to provide quality, personalized services to help achieve goals and navigate life’s challenges.

Since 1976 Access Services has been serving communities in Eastern Pennsylvania by coming alongside individuals and families to offer our disability services in Montgomery County. It is our mission to empower and serve individuals and families in need of support through innovative services that improve their ability to live fulfilling lives in the community.

Our three distinct service lines equip Access Services to meet a vast array of needs impacting our communities:

Behavioral Health

Providing resources, support, education, and advocacy around whole person treatment, our programs support broad ages that meet needs from crisis intervention to long term support.

Children & Family Services

Helping to provide safe, loving, and nurturing environments, our Children and Family services empower children and families in the Montgomery County area through family peer support programs, foster care, youth mentoring, advocacy, education, and connections to resources in the community.

Intellectual Disability & Autism

Including day programs, respite support, employment services and more, our IDA service line empowers individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families to reach their full potential.

Empowering Community Through Inclusion, Equality, and Access

Through our impactful, life-transforming services, Access Services continues to promote and protect the interests of individuals with specialized needs. We work every day to enhance the access, support, and abilities of children and young adults struggling with developmental, mental, and behavioral health challenges. Employing a distinguished approach, we aim to accord individuals with disabilities due support and recognition in society. Our support programs go a long way in helping individuals and families cope with challenges and emerge more confident and stronger to lead happy, fulfilling lives. Overall, our comprehensive programs are dedicated to instigating the sustainable growth of inclusive societies.

Our Impact

For over 45 years, Access Services has been driving change to impact every segment of society. Through numerous community support programs throughout Montgomery County and Eastern Pennsylvania, we serve individuals with intellectual disabilities, people with autism, and veterans and seniors who need assistance.

How We Do It?

Our innovative programs have been successful through our consistent efforts toward:

  • Cultivating inclusiveness
  • Eliminating gaps
  • Inspiring leadership
  • Empowering community
  • Promoting participation
  • Channeling change in perspectives
  • Improving access to education and employment

Join us in our journey to empower and include everyone—regardless of their age or ability.
Access Services has helped thousands of disabled individuals and their families in Eastern Pennsylvania pioneer change in society. Today, we continue to work closely with people looking for help. If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact us today!


Our disability service teams in Montgomery County and Eastern Pennsylvania are here to walk with you, supporting your needs!

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Access Services is an Equal Opportunity Care Provider and Employer.