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Our Stories

Unlocking Potential

Every individual we serve has a unique and compelling story. Healthcare and privacy laws mean that we have to protect the names of the people we work with, but their stories are true and inspiring.

Two women smiling signing the word friend in American Sign Language ASL.
Intellectual Disabilities and Autism

True Inclusion: Maria’s Story

Have you ever been left out of a conversation simply because you have no way to communicate? This can leave you feeling very alone. Communication accommodations create a way to connect regardless of our communication

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Fire Prevention Within Our Communities

Did you know that our Bucks County LIFE program and Montgomery County Mobile Crisis team have partnered with fire departments throughout our communities? Under the program names of Prevention and Intervention Program (PIP) and Fire

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Abington Police & Jess Mobile Crisis

Collaborative Leadership

It is with great excitement we share with you that we have named Jessica Fenchel as our Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Jess has been at Access Services for over 10 years, during

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