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Serving youth between 11-18 with mentoring and skill building to help reach their full potential.”

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What is Rebound?

Our Rebound Program is an advocacy and mentoring service serving Schuylkill County. Their mission is to empower youth and their families to improve their quality of life through mentoring, advocacy and life skills development services to the children in their home, school and community.

By promoting pro-social activities and educational achievement, Rebound helps to reduce the need for placement outside of the home. Rebound can work with youth to help improve their overall learning potential and outcomes.

Who is Rebound for?

Our Rebound Program serves youth between the ages of 11-18 years old in Schuylkill County. Youth who are referred to the Rebound Program are supported by staff who have demonstrated experience in working with child-serving systems and partnering with community providers.

The program offers both structured one-on-one supportive relationships between staff and youth, as well as closely supervised group and community activities with youth. The staff and youth work together to create a person-centered, individualized goal plan focusing on the strengths, needs and ambitions of the youth.

Rebound Program staff build relationships with and support clients in improving their social skills, self-control, communication, self-esteem, adaptability, academics, and set goals in realizing their full potential.

teenager practicing a presentation with a group of other teens
The Rebound Program staff mentors, supports and empowers youth in realizing and achieving their goals and potential.

The CAIR Program

A part of Rebound, the CAIR program meets either virtually or at the Access Services office every week for 9 consecutive weeks. Each session covers topics including consequences of truancy, teaching and practicing coping skills, acquiring life skills and more.

This 9-week program provides creative outlets for students to express themselves and their individual situations. Academic assistance and transportation to the sessions will also be provided weekly.

The CAIR Program offers a monetary incentive for maintaining consistent school attendance, attending the weekly program, being prepared for each session and fully participating in each week’s session.

School attendance is defined by the CAIR Program as consistent attendance of all school days without unexcused absences. It includes arriving on time for school and staying the entire day unless you have a valid excuse. This also pertains to disciplinary actions that result in out of school or in school suspension.


How to join.

Talk with your Schuykill County Children and Youth case worker, probation officer or your child’s school about being referred to the program.

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