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Community Homes (CLA)

Growing Together

At our core, we will always be humans helping humans. To provide care with dignity and respect for each individual without fail.”

Available in Lehigh, Northampton,
and Montgomery County, PA

For Individuals with an Intellectual Disability

A Supportive Home

Tucked away in local neighborhoods, these beautiful unassuming homes offer the opportunity for community living for those with intellectual disabilities who need a more supportive living environment.

Built around the idea that individuals know what they need and want in their goals and plans, our group homes offer supportive housing that creates a family style living environment to meet each person’s physical, emotional, spiritual, medical and social needs.

Designed to Fulfill

Emphasis is placed on community participation and personal growth within the community through outings to local stores to shop, libraries for activities, zoos or other interactive locations, gyms for recreation and exercise, our Day programs to provide social connection with peers, and more.

Our group homes are tailored to meet the interests of each individual we serve; these community homes provide innovative services that improve each person’s ability to live fulfilling lives that they enjoy.

young man with intellectual and physical disability smiling and loving life in his group home

Background & Capability

Our first community-based home opened in 1978 to support individuals moving out of Pennhurst State Institution with no place to go. Our goal was to give each person the opportunity to reach their full potential and lead fulfilling lives in a peaceful, family-style environment.

Now, many years later, we have the ability to provide all levels of care within each home from intensive needs such as help with bathing, dressing, medication and more to very independent, supervisory care where our attentive direct support professionals (DSPs) are there to ensure safety and social engagement alone.

Connections Encouraged

Each individual is encouraged to maintain family ties through visitation and develop strong peer connections with the individuals they live with and interact with in the community. Contact us about group homes and supportive housing opportunities today.

autistic girl smiling at a kitchen table with her family and friend
“In 2021, facing staffing shortages and the constant threat of COVID, the DSPs in our community homes persevered to ensure that the individuals we serve were cared for well and still had opportunity for growth even with restrictions.”
Access Services Staff Member

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