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Intellectual Disability & Autism Stories

Two women smiling signing the word friend in American Sign Language ASL.
Intellectual Disabilities and Autism

True Inclusion: Maria’s Story

Have you ever been left out of a conversation simply because you have no way to communicate? This can leave you feeling very alone. Communication accommodations create a way to connect regardless of our communication

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Young girl in green shirt holding an umbrella in the sun
Intellectual Disabilities and Autism

Unlocking Employment Potential

In our summer newsletter, we talked about the exciting Employment Transition Program starting at Access Services. This rose out of a passion to serve our people better, in a way that could open employment for

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tom and maureen standing on their porch outside smiling together
Intellectual Disabilities and Autism

A Lifetime of Support

Maureen worked with Tom for many years, helping him to grow and develop life skills. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when Tom’s father became ill…

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