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Creating homes through Lifesharing

marybeth and gene enjoying a beautiful day outside together

Marybeth first met Gene after her Lifesharing provider fell ill. It was meant to be a short-term placement until a long-term provider could be found. Marybeth felt at home. She has now had Gene as her Lifesharing provider and friend for 16 years. Marybeth enjoys being part of Gene’s day to day life, food shopping, eating out, attending family functions, outings, and many vacations.

Gene says his favorite memory of Marybeth was when she first found out that she would be living at Gene’s permanently, she immediately put a picture from her first Holy Communion up on his mantle and to him that was her way of saying “I am home.” Both Marybeth and Gene look forward to continue Lifesharing together and the wonderful experiences that lay ahead.

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