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A Lifetime of Support

tom and maureen standing on their porch outside smiling together

Maureen first met Tom when he was a few days shy of his 10th birthday. She was assigned to work with him as a direct support professional. Maureen worked with Tom for many years, helping him to grow and develop life skills. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when Tom’s father became ill and his mother was unable to care for him. Maureen opened her home to offer respite to Tom and be there for him as extra support.

After Tom’s father passed away, Tom was unsure of where he would live. He visited group homes and other residential placements but none of them felt right. Maureen offered to open her home to Tom and built an addition to become his Lifesharing provider. Tom was ecstatic and happy to move in with Maureen and her family. She had always made Tom feel like part of her family from the very beginning.

Maureen and Tom have now been in Lifesharing together for 18 years. Over the years, Tom has built a strong relationship with Maureen and her family. Maureen has also developed a close relationship with Tom’s family. Tom enjoys taking the bus to go visit his mother and sister. He remains a strong employee at his work program, has built a lot of relationships and expanded his independent skills all with the support and guidance of Maureen.

Maureen and Tom enjoy taking trips to the mountains and beach together as well as attending her grandson’s soccer games. They are always full of laughs and eager to tell you about their adventures. Maureen and Tom are both very happy in Lifesharing and enjoy the lifelong memories they have created. We are so thankful to have Maureen as a provider who strongly exemplifies compassion, dedication, and understanding for Tom and their Lifesharing journey.

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