Travel Safely

Access Services’ Intersect initiative is named after our desire to support those at the intersection of faith and mental illness. Like all intersections, this one is to be navigated safely. In order to do this, we must understand how to interact well with people with whom we may strongly disagree. In fact, the broad range of perspectives on both faith and mental illness means some disagreement is likely for those brave enough to have these conversations. Safely navigating these differences will often require us to follow “road signs” calling for humility and patience. Of course, some of us might be tempted to avoid this intersection altogether so we don’t get in a crash! However, like most intersections, this one is vital for helping those in our community get to where they need to go. If we’re going to help people travel well, the answer won’t be avoidance but an openness to respectfully listen to those coming from the opposite direction.
Dave Eckert, M.Div., CPRP