The last year has provided opportunity for reflection. It has led many of us to make changes in how we use our time, money, resources, and more. To look at our priorities. To look at the people around us. To ask the question, “Who are my neighbors?” Asking questions is essential to growth. Here at Access Services, we have been asking questions as well. How do we adapt to the new needs rising? How do we meet the daunting, endless needs that already exist? How do we challenge ourselves to learn, grow, and become a better organization each year?

The simple answer, “It takes a village.” Each of you coming together to support our mission. Your contribution allows us to continue the important work that we are doing each and every day at Access Services. Together we are stronger.

Ways to Take Action


1. Become an ambassador


2. Sponsor needed items in the community


3. Become part of the Access Services team


4. Donate to our greatest needs