TIP is a specialized service aimed to address common hurdles encountered by young adults, age 16-26. The program is designed to help individuals reach their vision of a successful future by using a strength based approach that focuses on achievement and problem solving.

TIP focuses on 5 key areas:

• Educational Opportunities
• Living & Housing Support
• Employment and Career Advisory
• Community Life Functioning
• Personal Effectiveness and Well Being Training

For more information, contact:

Bucks County
Phone: 1-888-442-1590, x2
Fax: 215-259-1974

Lehigh and Northampton Counties
Phone: 484-934-8039
Fax: 610-866-2341


Meet Our Team

Mike McKenna, Director of the TIP Program

Erin Wilson, Assistant Director of the TIP Program



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Counties Served: Bucks, Lehigh, Northhampton

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