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Multi-Faith Coalition

Connecting Faith Communities & Service Partners

We strengthen our collective efforts to improve the overall health of our region.

Primarily in
Montgomery County


Coming Together

The Montgomery County Multi-Faith Coalition cultivates trust and collaboration between people from diverse faith communities and service organizations by acting as a convener to promote dialogue and resource sharing for the common good.

Led by a team of volunteers representing faith communities, human services organizations, and Montgomery County government, it is our goal to strengthen our collective efforts to improve the overall health of our region.

While faith communities may not be the first responders, they are often the first to know when people need help.

Similarly, service providers and county workers may not always know how to access people who need help, but they are often the best-equipped to respond in a crisis.

That is why we believe it is important to create brave spaces that allow every person to bring their whole selves to the conversation and work together to address community needs that would otherwise go unmet. 

“The Multi-Faith Coalition is a great opportunity for you to ask yourself, 'What can I do locally?' There's actually a lot when you start getting to know the people in your community. I think there's a great benefit to attending each of our events because you're going to hear from some of the leaders in your community around a particular issue or need that we're addressing."
David Eckert
Director of Intersect

Advancing Our Mission

The Multi-Faith Coalition consists of three committees that play an important role in how we accomplish our mission:

Faith Dialogue Committee
Provides a safe space for dialogue across faith traditions on topics aligned with the goals of the coalition.

Resource Sharing Committee
Fosters collaboration among faith communities, human services providers, and county government to identify resources and gaps in services.

Outreach and Event Planning Committee
Promotes participation in the coalition as well as provides logistics and planning support for events and other coalition programs.

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“I've always felt that we have much more in common than we don't, and that we should celebrate what we share while we honor and respect where we differ. We all bring something to the table. And when we gather, we realize that we each have gifts to share with each other."
Dr. Saundra Sterling Epstein
Jewish Educator and Chair of the Faith Dialogue Committee

Upcoming Events

"In our scriptures, we are instructed that all of humanity share a common ancestor, and that we were created into nations and tribes - so that we may know one another. That requires dialogue. Furthermore, humanity is instructed to care for each other and serve with compassion and stand for justice. This is foundational in how I navigate through life and find meaning in my existence."
Aziz Nathoo
Interfaith Teacher and Preacher

Multi-Faith Coalition Team

The Multi Faith Coalition is comprised of members with varying backgrounds of expertise in faith and human services. The diversity of our group is an intentional effort to uncover each stone in human service provision and faith mentorship.


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If you are interested in helping us develop faith-community relationships by raising awareness, providing resource assistance and support to congregations or organizations in your community, please contact our coalition.

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