Hope All Year

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Whether celebrating Christmas or the New Year, perhaps no word gets more traction than “hope”. It’s a word that leads us to look back in wonder and forward with expectation.  For those walking with mental illness, it’s a word with implications far beyond its seasonal significance.  Hope isn’t just a

Create a Continuum

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This past December, the White House held a Summit on Transforming Mental Health Treatment to Combat Homelessness, Violence and Substance Abuse.  As one might imagine, a number of politicians and mental health professionals from across the country were invited to attend.  There was another group in attendance, though, that some

Walk Through Open Doors

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Recent research has shown individuals to be experiencing greater isolation and communities manifesting greater fragmentation. Fortunately, there are new opportunities for people of faith to partner with those in human services to make a difference.  I’ve witnessed so many of these opportunities that it’s left me concluding they are divinely

A Critical Response

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Recently, I was at a school speaking with clinicians about spiritual tools and resources for support.  Among the resources discussed were faith communities that provide hope and support to kids who’ve experienced trauma.  One clinician mentioned the challenge of knowing which faith communities were up for the task.  This is

Bring What You’ve Got

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In October, I participated on a panel at the kick-off event of Montgomery County’s Interfaith Coalition.  Alongside me on the panel were leaders from both faith communities and human service organizations.  Among the many moments that impressed me that day were comments made by two separate panelists.  One panelist, a

You Can Do That Here Too

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A practitioner at a therapeutic school told me of an experience working with a young girl who was struggling. The practitioner asked the girl if there were things she found helpful at home in coping with these challenges. The girl responded that at home it was really helpful when her mother prayed

Know Your Neighbors

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Many people recognize the importance of relating well to our neighbors. Who among us isn’t familiar with Mr. Rodger’s iconic question, “Won’t you be my neighbor?” and who hasn’t heard the Bible’s famous command in both the Old and New Testaments to “love your neighbor as yourself” (Lev. 19:18; Mark 12:19-31). Despite

An Epidemic and Experience

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Many are hearing about the current opioid crisis. As a faith leader, it’s tempting to see this crisis as just one more social epidemic. However, in my own faith community I’ve heard multiple people share about their family’s struggles with addiction. I’ve listened to wives, mothers, sisters and sons each