Take Time to Mourn

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Take Time to Mourn With better weather, vacation season, and opening of outdoor restaurants, Americans are longing to experience happier times than we’ve seen for a while.  The months of pandemic restrictions, the repeated acts of racial injustice and the destruction of property have given many the desire to enter

Prepare for the Journey

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Prepare for the Journey Across the nation people are experiencing significant shifts.  One hopeful shift is that more and more states are opening businesses and loosening stay-at-home orders.  Still, corresponding with this sense of newfound freedom are more discouraging shifts that both open old wounds and bring new pain.   Discouragement

What-ifs Can Go Both Ways

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Quite a few people who struggle with anxiety speak of their battle with “what-if” thinking.  “What if” I fail this test, lose my spouse, get publicly exposed, etc.  Such thinking has only been amplified during the COVID pandemic in that we’ve been provided a whole new set of experiences with

Praying for the Public and Mental Health

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Much has been written about the public health crisis we’re facing.  What’s being further recognized is that we’re not only facing a public health crisis but a mental health crisis as well.  Social isolation and a loss of control has taken its toll on the mental health of many.  In

Closed Doors Are Open Doors

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Many of us are now living in a time of “closed doors” in order to combat the Covid-19 global pandemic.  Beyond the common challenges it brings all of us, the requirement to stay in our homes has had a unique impact on faith communities.  For instance, how does a congregation

Respect Is Different Than Agreement

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A challenge many presently face is how to collaborate for the common good within a pluralistic society.  With so many issues where we disagree, is working together even possible?  The Montgomery County MultiFaith Coalition thinks so.  This coalition of faith community members and human service providers seeks to collaborate for

Get Everyone In the Room

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I recently served as a panelist at an event held by a local foundation. The aim of the event was to discuss how partnerships across systems can strengthen our county’s safety net. In addition to speaking about the role of faith communities in that process, I learned a great deal

Military Service Comes With a Story

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Among those at the intersection of faith and mental health, one population we often don’t consider is the military veteran sitting among us at a worship gathering.  While we may know they served, we often don’t really know their story.  Increasingly, though, it’s evident that many veterans have a story