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Integrated Health

Advancing whole person care

Purposefully meeting all the needs that impact someone’s wellness.”

A Model of Services

Integrated health is a model of services that focuses on collaborative coordination of care through both internal and external partnership. Services that use an integrated model focus on caring for the whole person. Here at Access Services, we understand that there are many factors that impact an individual’s wellness. Each program utilizes integrated partnerships and assessments to gauge an individual’s needs and provide a well-rounded array of support, advocacy and access to care to help them meet their needs. 

There are also two specific roles set up in the community to help reach our most vulnerable populations. 

Emergency Department Health Navigators

Emergency Department Health Navigators partner with hospital staff in the emergency department by providing intentional outreach, finding resources and bringing solutions to individuals who are the highest users of the ER with behavioral health concerns. This critical position was created to reduce re-admission to the ER for individuals presenting with behavioral health concerns. 

Street Medicine Navigator

Street Medicine Navigators perform three core functions: relational engagement and guidance, intensive care facilitation, and basic medical support. 

They collaborate with local street medicine partnerships, providing outreach with individuals experiencing homelessness prior to street medicine delivery. They assist in connecting individuals to medical providers and coordinating follow-up care, including prescription medications and primary care visits removing barriers to care access. 

Providing integrated health services is embedded in how we educate our staff as well. 

On behalf of COMCARE, Pennsylvania’s 67 counties, and their partner Behavioral Health Managed Care Organizations (BH-MCOs), RCPA distributed a report highlighting Integrated Behavioral Health and Physical Health Care Models that are available to Pennsylvanians enrolled in Behavioral HealthChoices, PA’s behavioral health managed care program for Medical Assistance consumers.

The 2023 report featured three of our programs at Access Services.

Education for Our Programs

Our teams are educated on the eight dimensions of wellness: physical, spiritual, emotional, occupational, intellectual, environmental, financial, and social. 

Risk assessments are done using the eight dimensions of wellness to inform our teams on how to meet the most immediate needs of each person. Further, these eight dimensions guide how our teams build goals with those we serve. Individuals are encouraged to take the lead on their goal building to best meet their needs with the guidance of staff who are trained to support them. 

Our teams are comprised of a variety of services in both short and long-term behavioral health support. 

If you would like to work alongside our behavioral health programs, please contact us through any of the following ways:

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