Announcing our new vision statement & logo - Access Services

Announcing our new vision statement & logo

We are excited to announce Access Services’ has a new vision statement & logo. Access Services exudes vision in so many spaces, and now we have this formal statement that truly embodies our vision.

“Strengthening communities by empowering individuals towards wholeness and belonging.”

Going with our formalized vision, we’ve updated our logo to ensure it meets the needs of our growing organization. While we have a new look, our mission, our purpose and the DNA of what makes us Access Services will remain the same. Access Services has had a long history of supporting our community. We’ve done this though living out our values as we care for everyone we serve.

We recognize that people thrive in being part of strong communities and we are privileged to get to play a role in that. Across our programs, community is what connects us. We do our best work and truly “unlock” the most potential in those we serve when communities are at their strongest and able to support their members. Lives surrounded by community are sustained and find long-term healing and purpose. As we look to our future and plan to increase our collaborative and integrated programming, it makes sense to shift our focus to “Strengthening Communities” in everything that we do.

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