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Earth Breeze partners with Access Services

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Many of the individuals we serve at Access Services struggle to afford basic necessities, like laundry detergent, that most of us take for granted. This can lead to further stigmatization of our neighbors working to overcome homelessness, housing instability and poverty. Many times, these issues overlap with acute mental illness or intellectual disabilities. Camille Brittain, Donation Coordinator with Intersect, feels this strongly, “I think we can all agree that washing our clothes is a universal necessity. For people living in poverty or experiencing homelessness, having sustainable access to clean clothes is an ongoing obstacle which impacts one’s comfort and dignity.”

Access Services is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Earth Breeze to help us meet this need!

Earth Breeze is graciously donating an ongoing supply of their laundry detergent eco sheets to those we serve. At Earth Breeze, they believe that clean clothes and laundry should not be a privilege, but something to which everyone has access. With that in mind, they developed a giving program called Buy One, Give Ten. For every package that their customers purchase, they donate 10 loads of laundry detergent to organizations helping those in need. They want to be a force for good in the world. To date they have donated over 8 million loads of laundry detergent!

Aligned in our missions to serve people to live fulfilling lives in the community, Earth Breeze is a company that believes small acts now can make a large impact later. They are strongly grounded in empowering and helping people, through people. Laundry detergent eco sheets are portable and easy to keep when you are living in the streets or with limited resources. They are simple to use for those who may struggle with lifting large bottles of laundry liquid or understanding how much liquid detergent to use.

Monique Mudie, Donation Partnership Coordinator at Earth Breeze, had this to say, “I am proud to be a part of a company that believes in authenticity and empowerment. I get to help organizations and people find dignity and peace in one area of their lives that should not be stressful…It’s not something that a lot of us may think about, but for those that do not have the resources to keep their clothes clean, it can be an insurmountable challenge.”

Earth Breeze’s first donation to Access Services allowed staff across multiple programs to gift free detergent to homeless individuals, families living in poverty, individuals in residential facilities, foster care families, and adults with intellectual disabilities. We are elated by this partnership and excited to make clean laundry accessible to an often overlooked and marginalized population.

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