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Test – 5-11-18

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This is a sample of a podcast post.

Travel Safely

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Access Services’ Intersect initiative is named after our desire to support those at the intersection of faith and mental illness. Like all intersections, this one is to be navigated safely. In order to do

The Answer Might Be….Yes

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I remember really struggling to understand the actions of a person I was trying to help. I asked a colleague of mine what was driving this person’s decisions. Was it their mental illness? Was

Meaning Matters

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This past month a man who struggles with deep bouts of depression was telling me about his experience. He mentioned that during periods of despair, his world gets smaller and things seem meaningless.

Learn from Experience

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Each month I lead a discussion group for people exploring the role of faith in their recovery. While I work as both a pastor and mental health professional, I am not the “expert”

Let’s Talk About It

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After giving a sermon about the church and mental illness, a fellow congregant came up to me to talk. He told me he hadn’t known if it was actually okay to discuss this


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If you’re seeing this blog, you’ve been in dialogue with us at Access Services about the intersection of faith and mental illness. As a friend, we want to include you in our ongoing conversation with faith communities, mental health practitioners and those with a lived experience of mental illness in

Doing More Together

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Helen Keller said “alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”.  This phrase applies well to how people of faith should think about ministry to those with mental illness.  Given the significant number of people experiencing mental illness in our society and the limited resources available,