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¡La familia George recibió el mejor regalo de Navidad de todos los tiempos, dos años seguidos! En diciembre de 2020, Giovani fue recibido en su familia y se convirtió en su hijo. Luego, en diciembre de 2021, fue adoptado y se convirtió oficialmente en George.

Norma y Arnold George son una pareja extraordinaria con un gran corazón. Su hijo tuvo más de 25 transiciones en su vida y NADA quería más que tener una familia amorosa. Encontró eso en Norma y Arnold, quienes lo amaron desde el primer día.

??I and Arnold love that boy so much! ?He is just what Arnold and I needed?We are trying so hard not to spoil our baby. He deserves every goodness that comes his way?GOD MAKES no mistakes.? ? Norma George

Erika Hill who worked as Giovani?s coordinator at Access Services had this to say.

?I had the opportunity to meet this young man during the month of September 2019. I was new to the agency, position as a coordinator and foster system, in general. Gio immediately captured my heart. His story and general outlook on life presented as invaluable lessons and template for the appropriate care and treatment of the children I was to serve. Giovanni?s struggles became my struggles as I wanted nothing more than to help him find the unconditional love of family and faith while finding comfort in his resource home. The George?s immediately made him feel wanted and safe. I do not believe words can express the gratitude and respect I have for the George?s and their commitment to Gio and our agency. This is a beautiful beginning for Gio and I wish him the whole world!?

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