Helping Vulnerable Children and Adults in Transnistria

Once the Soviet Union dissolved a war between Moldovan and Transnistrian separatist forces ignited. The war was eventually ended through Russian intervention, and Russian peacekeeping forces are still located in this region. As a result, Transnistria is now an internationally unrecognized breakaway state with a population of just over 500,000. It lies between Moldova and the Ukraine.

Due to poverty and alcohol abuse, many children and vulnerable adults in Transnistria are left without parents or support, and are often placed in overcrowded orphanages or institutions. Access Services partners with Help the Children—an international outreach program to support the development of foster care and transition services. Access Services and Help the Children strongly believe that the best place to grow and thrive is in a loving, nurturing home.

Since foster care and transition supports are relatively new concepts in Transnistria, cultural bias makes finding foster parents very difficult. Our vision is for young adults to find housing and employment. Access Services has worked closely with Help the Children to make foster care a reality, and to expand opportunities.

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