India’s population of 952 million is second only to China. Between 5% and 10% of Indians have a disabling condition, giving India an unusually large population of children and adults with unique needs. Each day people living with disabilities continue to be neglected and marginalized. Care for people with disabilities is typically placed on the family with scant community involvement or support.

Other factors impacting India’s most vulnerable:

  • One-third of the world’s poorest children live in India
  • 575,000 Indian children are involved in prostitution
  • 70 million-plus are child laborers
  • 10 million are bonded in labor (a form of slavery to pay off family debts)

Access Services has previously helped develop and support a camping program for children with special needs in an impoverished area of India. The camp continues successfully today. The purpose of the camping program is to share God’s love with the children by reaching out to them through fun activities, fellowship and the teaching of basic vital life skills. Something unexpected also occurred when the camps were established in that a support network developed for the families who were previously isolated. Access Services helped to accomplish this successful program through our significant experience working with children with special needs. We’ve had tremendous success with our camping programs in the United States and we carried the lessons we’ve learned to the situation in India. Our training, onsite support and technical assistance helped make the camping program much stronger.

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