Improving Opportunities in East Africa

Many countries in East Africa struggle with high rates of poverty, disease, and unemployment. For example, in Ndola, Zambia, unemployment is highly prevalent and the situation is not improving. The Zambian economy is suffering and jobs are simply not available. Some urban areas even have an unemployment rate as high as 90%. In addition to unemployment, Zambia has had to confront the realities of the HIV/AIDS epidemic that has left behind many orphans and widows with no means of earning a living. Frequently orphaned children of deceased siblings are cared for by other family members, a direct result of the tragic HIV/Aids pandemic in Africa.

With the country in crisis and so many challenges, hunger is rampant and the Zambian people are in desperate need of humanitarian support. This scenario is all too common for this region of Africa, including similar circumstances in Malawi, Uganda and other surrounding countries. In the past, Access Services has helped to reduce hunger and its subsequent effects in Zambia through aid and working to help establish sustainable food resources.

These efforts however, only touch the surface of a devastating epidemic. Please consider supporting our efforts to address projects which will help provide for basic needs such as food, clothing, water, and education. By making a contribution towards the gift of hope and opportunity through your prayers and a tax-deductible financial donation you will help us continue our important global initiatives.

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