The Children’s Crisis Support Program offers crisis hotline support to children and adolescents in Montgomery and Bucks Counties. The purpose of the program is to help children and families manage crisis successfully through individualized crisis response and planning. The hotline is available 24-hours a day/7 days a week. Crisis intervention is provided to assist families to better manage crisis situations and direct them towards resolutions and resources to better manage future crises.

Bucks County Hotline: 1.877.435.7709
Montgomery County Hotline: 1.888.435.7414

Learn how the Children’s Crisis Support Program helped Ian connect with his family, watch his video here.

For additional information about our Children’s Crisis Support Program, download a Bucks County Brochure or Montgomery County Brochure or you can contact our Director of Crisis Supports at 215-540-2150 ext. 285.

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